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Full CDL Courses

ZST-206 – The PTDI Certified Course is 390 hours. Students will receive either a PTDI Certificate of Attainment or PTDI Seal of Attainment (placed on the Iowa Central certificate). A minimum of 47 Sessions (11 weeks) will be required.

139.25 hrs classroom
52.75 hrs lab
198 hrs in truck training
390 total hrs

The program consists of classroom, pre and post trip inspections, cab familiarization, proper shifting techniques (RPM ranges), basic control of equipment, turning, backing, over the road trips. Classes are Monday through Friday 7:00am-3:30pm, summer (evenings) session begins in April and operates M-F 5pm- 9pm. Most students average 2,000 miles of driving experience in the program.

ZST-207 – On the Job Training (OJT) consists of 210 hours (4 weeks) with the
students new employer (pay will be provided during OJT).

Requirements for Admission:

1. Minimum of 18 years of age or older.
2. Must possess a valid driver license.
3. Must possess a social security card (metal version not accepted).
4. Must have no more than 5 moving violations in the last 3 years.
5. Must have no suspensions or serious moving violations in the last 12 months.
6. Must meet all applicable requirements of Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulations including, physical, mental and vision.
7. No preventable accidents in the last 12 months.
8. No alcohol related offenses in the last 3 years.
9. No drug related offenses in the last 3 years.
10. Must be able to verify the last 10 years of work history (if applicable).
11.  Criminal history must be reviewed and approved prior to starting.


Tuition is $5,350.00 plus $575 in fees (books/DOT physical & drug test/MVR/criminal background check, & fuel). Housing is available for $400. Grants and financial aid are
available for individuals meeting the financial aid requirements. To qualify for Financial Aid both courses (ZST-206/390hour, ZST-207/210) are required for a total of 600 hours (15 weeks). The course is Pell Grant and Stafford Loan eligible requiring a total of 600 hours (15 weeks). Student fees are non-refundable. Students will receive two certificates, one for the 390 hour ZST-206 course and one for the 210 hour ZST-207 course.

Many trucking companies have tuition reimbursement plans that will pay you back all or part of your tuition after a certain amount of employment with the company.

Students may qualify for assistance through Workforce Development (WIA), Proteus, Green Thumb, Promise Jobs, or Vocational Rehabilitation. If you are receiving unemployment or are laid off (displaced worker), you can check with your local WIA office and see what resources may be available.

Housing is low cost ($400). Twin size (extra long) beds are available. You will need to provide bedding. There is a washer and dryer, three refrigerators with freezer, stove, and microwave on the premises for student use.

Course Description:

The classroom prepares the student for the concepts of operating a semi-tractor
and trailer. The hands on operation, applies the learned knowledge into practical
application. This time will be spent on inspections (all types), basic control, serpentine
driving (control of trailer), backing (all types), proper set ups, turns, shifting, coupling
and uncoupling, along with driving (all types) rural, city and interstate conditions.
Teaching a student to operate a truck safely at 80,000 pounds will include map reading,
trip planning, logging, load securement and proper weight distribution.

Classroom consists of:

Orientation/Job Application Process, Math Skills, Log Books, the Air Brake System, Transmissions, DOT Regulations, Tractor and Trailer Knowledge, Inspections, Defensive Driving, Hazardous Materials, Doubles/Triples, Map Reading, Trip Planning, Sliding Tandems, Weight Distribution, Types of Trailers, Federal Regulations, Safe Operations, Student Guideline Handbook, Computer Skills (qualcom), Business Training, Leadership/Communication, Problem Solving, Trouble shooting and Load securement.

Behind the wheel time is spent on proper and safe driving techniques, including backing and cornering in a combination of city, rural, and interstate conditions.

In truck training will put into practice the concepts learned in the classroom.

Topics include:

  • Hands on pre, post and in-route inspections (before operating equipment)
  • Proper seat, mirror adjustment, and cab familiarization
  • Shifting at proper RPM ranges (double clutching)
  • Basic control of your equipment (safe operations at all times)
  • Turning – set up, types of turns, and safe speed during turns
  • Backing – set up, type of backs, mirror usage, and safety during backs.

Iowa Central Transportation Technology CenterThe early stages of training will develop driving skills in the rural setting, and as students gain confidence and skill, the training will move to the city driving aspects, incorporating backing and cornering.

As students attain the skill level needed for the DOT testing, we will practice skills box training, additional city driving, and backing.

After obtaining a CDL and in some cases while holding a permit, students may take some limited over the road (OTR) trips. This will also put into practice logging skills, map reading, trip planning, scale operations, weight distribution, load securement, night time operations and inspections.

Students have the opportunity to haul loads of freight for local trucking companies to gain loaded miles of experience. We cover the 48 states and some limited trips to Canada, but these trips also depend on the student’s ability. This also means driving at night and different times of the day. It is definitely hands on training preparing students for the job! Most students average 2,000 miles in the program; this is determined by the student’s abilities.

After completing 390 hours at the Transportation Center you’ll then begin your internship or on the job training with the company of your choice.Iowa Central Transportation Technology Center

Iowa Central Community College has delivered semi-truck driving students to industry since 1971. We have a 97% placement rate into the job (per 2010 PTDI reporting). Semi-Truck Driving is a great paying career with excellent opportunities. Our hands on training, prepares you for the career you have chosen. There are many truck driving schools across our nation, be sure that you have chosen a good school with hands on training, loaded trailers, OTR trips and miles of experience.

If you would like an application to enroll in the program or have any questions, please call us.

Thank you, and let us help you start your new career.

Transportation Technology Center

Local and area trucking companies are constantly looking for qualified drivers.After taking a good, hard look at local and area needs, Iowa Central Community College launched a brand-new Semi-Truck Driving Program.

Iowa Central’s new program combines a longer training period, fewer students per truck, more in-truck training, broader based instruction, and an orientation session that spells out the advantages and disadvantages of being a truck driver.

  • 600 total hours of training.
  • 192 hours of class room training.
  • 198 hours of in-truck training.
  • 210 hours of practicum or on the job training.
  • Graduate with a CDL license, and endorsements.
  • Job placement for students 18 years and older.

Iowa Central Community College has delivered semi-truck driving students to the industry since 1971. We have an excellent 97% placement (per 2010 PTDI reporting), into the job. Semi-Truck Driving is a great paying career with excellent opportunities. Our hands on training prepares you for the career you have chosen. There are many truck driving schools across our nation, and rest assured that we have a good school involving hands on training, loaded trailers, over the road trips and miles of experience.

Iowa Motor Truck AssociationThe Transportation Technology Center (TTC) is a member of the Iowa Motor Truck Association (IMTA) which keeps us abreast of the transportation industry’s ever changing needs.

National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving SchoolsThe TTC is also a member of National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools (NAPFTDS), which is Dedicated to Quality Training, For Today’s Transportation Industry.

Professional Truck Driver InstituteIn addition to being members of the IMTA and the NAPFTDS the TTC is a member of the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI), which is North America’s foremost advocate of truck-driver training standards, driver professionalism, and safety.

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