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Truck Driver Training
Certificate in Applied Science

Mission Statement:
The Truck Driver Training Department will provide a high-quality credit program and education for entry-level commercial drivers, to meet industry needs, in a modern, comfortable facility with contemporary vehicles and equipment, delivered by a
well-qualified faculty and staff focused on student success.

Entrance Requirements:
Students must be a U.S citizen or be a permanent legal resident; command of the English language, be able to read on at least a 10th grade reading level; have a valid driver’s license, that is not currently suspended or pending a suspension; no felony
convictions involving a motor vehicle; the ability to pass a DOT medical physical and drug screen.; acceptable ASSET or COMPASS score

Type of Program:

Type of Degree:

Professional Credentials:
Class A CDL (subject to passing exam)

Employment Opportunities:

Trucking companies and individual trucking operators
• This program, offered at the SC Technology and Aviation Center (formerly Donaldson Center), trains truck drivers in long haul,
short haul and local operations, basics for over-the-road travel, and the rules and regulations of the Department of
• Prior to acceptance students must
o Interview with a faculty member prior to registration.
o Be a United States citizen or a legal permanent resident.
o Hold a valid driver’s license with a good driving record.
o Be at least 18 years of age to drive locally and at least 21 years of age to drive interstate.
o Have no felony convictions involving a motor vehicle.
o Be able to pass a physical examination set by the Department of Transportation in which the student must have 20/40 vision
in each eye with or without glasses, no defects or disease that would interfere with safe driving, no addictions to alcohol or
drugs of any form, and be able to pass drug screening. This physical must be done two weeks prior to training.
o Meet with department head to discuss physical requirements of the program and job opportunities, if over 60 years of age.
• This program runs nine weeks and can be completed in less than one semester.

Program Schedule
First Semester
TDR 101 Introduction to Truck Driver Training 5.0
TDR 102 Fundamentals of Truck Driver Training 4.0
TDR 103 Preparation for the CDL Examination 3.0
Total credit hours 12.0

Brian Chambers
Phone: 864-646-1728